Present Square

Present Square

Present Square is an art project from Speder and Frielinghaus that was started in 2017. The project introduces itself with music, visual arts and videos.

The band Present Square is the musical part of the project. All works of the Present Square Project deal in different ways with the terms Present and Square. Present stands for the direct presence and Square for the metaphysical level in the art works.

2017: Speder and Frielinghaus formed the project's alternative rock trio with Jari Haapalainen

2018: release of first vinyl single
2018: release of music video for Kidding

2019.01: release of second vinyl single with artist Leiko Ikemura
2019.01: release of music video for Ich Weiß
2019.02: exhibition event showing drawings and a video work at KTB Berlin
2019.04: concert with Present Square at Schokoladen Berlin

2019.02: taz.die tageszeitung about exhibition event and the project
Studio from Present Square, 2019