The project’s avantgarde pop trio Present Square focuses on the directness of music. That is music in a live context and without effects.

Next Concert: October 26 @Werkhalle Wiesenburg

The music of Present Square is written by Lorina Speder and Milo Frielinghaus. It is recorded live as a band with Jari Haapalainen on the drums in a studio and produced on vinyl. That format allows music to become visible and haptic.

In performances, Lorina Speder is the only constant member as the singer and guitarist of the trio. She currently plays in a live formation with Stella Tumidei on the drums and Domenica Teran Iturralde on the bass.

Live Band 2019: Stella Tumidei (Drums), Lorina Speder (Voc, Git), Domenica Teran Iturralde (Bass)