The Feather Project is based on the sculptural feather work by Milo Frielinghaus from 2012. In the original feather work Frielinghaus attached a feather in an egg, which travelers brought with him as a souvenir on request.

In the so-called Traveling Feather videos this feather is taken into new contexts by Lorina Speder. While traveling and visiting friends and colleagues she records unstaged moments of interaction between them and the feather. The videos become short portraits of the characters involved and also portraits of their surroundings. 

In the time of the Coronavirus crisis the videos gain additional meaning. Now, the project continues with the focus on sending out feathers to friends and working with their self shot home videos.


Feather, Video Installation, 2019.

Traveling Feather

Traveling Feather 1, Hong Kong, 2017. (Video Still)
Traveling Feather 2, Berlin Kreuzberg, 2017. (Video Still)
Video Installation of Traveling Feather 2, 2020.
Traveling Feather 3, Berlin Grunewald, 2020. (Video Still)