Present Square is an ongoing art project from the Berlin-based artists Lorina Speder and Milo Frielinghaus. The project introduces itself with music, visual arts and videos. The focus in all disciplines is the analog connection.           

Present Square is currently the artist in residence at Atelier Bar Am.



Present Square’s exhibition MOVEMENT at Werkhalle Wiesenburg deals with the question of visually documenting the essence of music – that is showing the will of its creators in video works. 

Opening: October 19th, 6 - 9pm with ACIINTT, a Sound Performance by Erik Smith at 8pm

Closing: October 26th, 6 - 9pm with a Live Concert by Present Square at 8pm

Present Square’s video works show musicians playing or not playing their instruments. When playing their instruments, the musicians move their bodies and, by contrast, when they're not playing, they don’t move. Technological advancements over the last century have undermined this simple analog logic. Focusing on cause-and-effect, Present Square not only visually captures music in the movement of the musicians, but also references and critiques modern music videos, where musicians pretend to play their instruments to playback music.